Full Body Workout Routine

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Full Body Workout Routine

When you're working out, exercise experts have come to recognize, methods that tone and strengthen your whole body at once are much better than those that target just a few muscles. They make you healthier, keep you safer from injury when you make a physical effort (since full body workouts, ideally, do not leave “weak points” in your physique), and improve your appearance by toning and balancing all parts of you proportionally.

This type of comprehensive workout is also great because it burns plenty of calories; helping you slim down faster if that's your goal. Furthermore, it leaves you feeling invigorated – with that satisfying glow filling you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

Exercise machines tend to target a few muscles more than others, and they can be expensive to boot, so many people prefer bodyweight exercises. These exercises are highly effective at working practically every muscle, from the abdominal muscles that provide a tighter waist, to the back and shoulder muscles that provide a firm foundation for all your efforts, to your arms and legs: the “action” muscles of your body.

A full body workout routine, in short, tones, slims, and builds up your strength to pursue other exercises and sports if that's your ultimate goal.

Practically everyone is familiar with at least a few bodyweight exercises, even if they don't realize that they are. Deep knee bends and basic pushups are the beginning level of this kind of workout, and are suitable for those who are out of shape or who have never tried full body workouts before.

Since the object isn't to remain at one strength level permanently, the next stage of challenge is to develop your strength with one-handed pushups and one-legged squats. These not only turn up the heat on your muscular effort directly, but they force you to maintain your balance by tightening your muscles, increasing the overall effect on all your muscles and sinews.

The next stage up is to move onto heavy-duty, challenging exercises like burpees and knee jumps. These exercises move more of your body mass through a larger volume of space than pushups and squats do, and start to amp up your efforts into the realm of “explosive” muscle motions, which are true builders of fitness and athleticism. They are still within the range of a normally muscled person to achieve, though, so they represent the middle ground of workouts.

Once you've mastered the intermediate level of bodyweight exercises, a whole range of powerful options for honing your body into a muscular masterpiece become available. The fitness you've won at the earlier levels enables you to take on abdominal Vs, the “human flag”, power wheel exercises, and several types of “back bridges” which involve bending yourself backwards in very challenging ways.

Bodyweight exercises are a great choice for a full body workout routine for both women and men – they work well, they're cost effective (you don't need more equipment than maybe a chin-up bar and a power wheel, both of which are simple and cheap), and instead of a few disproportionately bulging muscles, they give you the finely balanced musculature that is the sign of true fitness.

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