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Full Body Workout For Men

There is, perhaps, a certain male attraction to throwing around huge pieces of metal while working out, pulling on cables that produce clanking and rattling sounds, and otherwise using exercise equipment of many different kinds. However, it could be argued that it's even tougher and more macho to build yourself up into a powerhouse using only your own body. Bodyweight exercises can give you muscles just as hard and ripped as any from “pressing iron”, and have a few fairly big advantages when used as a full body workout for men.

For one thing, it's a lot easier to get a complete workout that develops and strengthens your whole body when you're using that body as your exercise equipment. Machines tend to target only a few muscles, and you'd need thousands of dollars’ worth of them to develop every one of your sinews.

Every time you fail to work out one of your muscles, you're leaving a weak point in your physique, and falling behind in your search for the toned, athletic body you want. Big biceps are no good if your legs are spindly, and strong legs won't keep you from throwing out your back if you've just been using an elliptical trainer to get big calf and thigh muscles.

Bodyweight exercises are excellent for building up a manly physique because you can do them without fancy, expensive equipment, and yet work every one of your body's muscles to the maximum. You can do them anywhere you've got a little floor space and anytime you have a few spare minutes. And because you develop all of your muscles simultaneously, mostly in proportion to each other, you have to worry a lot less about straining or injuring something, because your muscles will be an integrated system rather than a mismatched collection of strong and weak areas.

Pushups are a great way to start, as are squats. Once you've mastered these, there are plenty of variants that will work up a sweat and continue you on your way to forging iron muscles and a lean, mean, attractive body. For example, one-handed pushups up the ante quite a bit. Fold one arm behind your back and use the other to push yourself up and down. When that starts getting easy, raise the opposite leg in the air, too, so that you're balanced on your right arm and left leg, then your left arm and right leg, while you're completing your pushup repetitions.

Various jumping exercises, like burpees, add in a dash of explosive muscle action to turn up the fitness. Make sure you've built up some moderate musculature before you start them, though – there's nothing very macho in staggering around half-crippled by a hernia.

These powerful techniques certainly aren't for weaklings, but its well worth working out this way. A full body workout for men based on bodyweight exercises is the springboard for a trim, strong body that can handle work, sports, and looking good all at the same time. Even if you still use weights and cable machines, adding in some bodyweight exercises is a great way to make sure you're getting the all-round muscular development that you're seeking.

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