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Full Body Workout Program

A full body workout program is one of the best tools at your disposal for getting healthier, losing weight, and making yourself more capable of physical effort. Since people find a trim, toned body attractive – both male and female – it's also a good way to make a better impression on people you may be romantically interested in, too. In short, there's no downside to this kind of workout program – you'll feel better; look better, and live longer if you work at it.

Using bodyweight exercises – which are a bit like augmented calisthenics – can achieve all of these goals at less risk of injury and far less expense than you may have thought possible. A machine can only be adjusted within a certain range. When you're using your body's own weight for resistance, you can instantly adjust on the fly how much of your weight you want to lift how far and how fast.

Furthermore, this type of exercise makes you lighter and more agile on your feet, plus more flexible and limber – things that you'll never gain no matter how big the pair of barbells you're lifting is. It's also fairly hard to target the abdominal muscles with machines, but bodyweight can handle that quite well indeed.

Pushups and squats are a major starting component of a full body workout program, both because they're straightforward and because they use a lot of muscles at a productive, but manageable, level of effort. One-legged squats, where first one leg and then the other is held out straight in front of you while squatting with the other leg, amp up this plain exercise considerably.

Sphinx pushups increase the vigor of the basic pushup and cause it to have an especially strong effect on the triceps muscles. These pushups start in a slightly modified position – with your upper arms vertical and supporting you like pillars, rest your forearms and palms on the floor, and rest on these and your toes. Then, slowly lift yourself while straightening your arms until they are straight, slanting out to the front. Hold here for as long as you're able, and pull one knee up as far as you can so that you're resting on your hands and one foot.

Try to work through a series of different exercises that target various areas of the body. You should avoid isolation exercises, which involve only a specific set of muscles, as much as you can. They will cause unbalanced muscular development and also tire you out, using up energy better spent on a compound exercise that will work out two, three, or even more groups of muscles.

Once you've worked out generally with pushups, and given your legs and lower body a turn with squats and lunges, you can turn to chin-ups and pull-ups to strengthen your arms, shoulders, back, and chest. Rounding out the selection with one or two more exotic exercises, such as burpees or roll-outs with a power wheel, should be added as you get stronger and can handle more powerful methods as portions of your full body workout program.

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