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Workout Routines For Women

Bodyweight exercises offer perfect workout routines for women because they are combination exercises that tone your whole body, rather than isolation exercises that just work at building up a single set of bulging muscles (and lead to disproportionate bodies with “weak spots”). Bodyweight exercises work very well for everyone, male and female, but women often like the thorough toning of the entire physique that they enable, as well as the relaxing but invigorating effect they provide.

Women developing a workout should consider the benefits offered by adding a diverse selection of exercises into their routine, rather than just a few concentrated on the abs.

The truth is that slimming your waist to the point you want – or keeping it trim if you're already there – isn't so much a matter of focusing purely on the muscles there, but on strengthening them while also working your arms, legs, and back. It is large muscle action, especially involving the back and legs, which really burns excess calories. Large muscle action feeds back into fat reduction over the whole body for the toned waist and other areas.

Any good workout for women involves squats and pushups, of course. These are the backbone of all good compound exercise sessions and work almost every muscle in the body. You can start out with lighter pushups on the hands and knees, but aiming to “graduate” to a full pushup with only your hands and toes resting on the ground is the best way to get a stronger, slimmer, tougher body. It also lays the groundwork for more challenging pushups and exercises that build your health even more.

Adding variety to this workout is as easy as working in some lunges to follow up on squats and pushups. Straight lunges are carried out by taking a step forward and kneeling at the same time. Your forward leg should have the thigh stick out straight from your body, and the calf remain upright to floor, while the thigh of the “kneeling” leg should be vertical and the calf horizontal, parallel to the floor while resting on the toes, without the knee actually resting on the floor.

Keep your back straight and your head upright, with your arms straight at your sides throughout the motion and recovery. These exercises tone and strengthen the lower abdominal muscles, lower back, buttocks, and thighs strongly.

Clock lunges or side lunges start with your feet parallel at hip width. Step out to your right while keeping your weight on the left foot, then shift to the right foot and move the calf into a vertical position, so that your left leg ends up being stretched out at a 45 angle. Keep your body as upright as possible throughout the movement. Shift back to the left to return to the starting position, and then lunge out to the other side, alternating until you've completed your chosen repetitions.

Cycling through pushups, squats, front and side (or clock) lunges, chin-ups or pull-ups, and side planks, then back to pushups again, are one of the many workout routines for women. This series of exercises is great for strengthening your whole body, slimming and toning your physique, and laying a foundation for more rigorous bodyweight exercises – plus giving you that sense of spiritual peace and satisfaction that comes from moving your mind and body smoothly as one.

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